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Floor Damage Repair and Restoration within Regina

If you require water damage restoration in or near Regina, RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair is prepared to come to your aid. Basement flooding, big or small, can cause significant damage to your structure. The quicker the problem is addressed, the less damage there will be. We provide complete cleanup and repair services to put your mind at ease. One call to us and the problem will be cleaned up and all the necessary repairs will be made. We will investigate the source of the flooding and determine what measures need to be taken to avoid any future occurrences.


Our team of professionals understand the severity of these situations and will work diligently to get your basement clean, dry and safe in as quick a manner as possible.

Broken pipes, sewer backups, sump pump failures and aging hot water tanks are just some of the culprits that contribute to flooded homes. Accidents happen, and you need to be prepared when they do.

When it comes to those wet, ugly messes, don’t guess at the extent of the damage, know for sure! Contact our team today to learn more about our flood damage repair in Regina. Our basement repair crews can handle everything from replacing the entire concrete surface to floor recapping.

Talk to the experts

If you’ve encountered mold, extreme wall cracks or flooding within your home, we can fix the problem at the source.

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