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Floor Recapping for Uneven Floors in Regina Homes

If you’re tired of walking on cold concrete, RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair can come in and evaluate your space and provide you with a free ground assessment. Our floor recapping products, preparation and service are ideally suited for correcting uneven floors across Regina.

RSR Construction provides a full range of foundation and basement repair services.

self-leveling overlay

Self-leveling overlay for concrete floors offers a lot of advantages. These products can correct uneven floors and provide a smooth surface.

The flowable polymer-modified topping has the ability to self-level with no troweling. These products are commercial grade and can withstand a lot of punishment making them the perfect solution for smoothing and leveling worn or uneven concrete.

This solution is ideal for Regina homeowners looking to finish off their basement area.

Floor recapping

Concrete Floor Replacement

Sometimes replacing the entire surface of your damaged floor is the best option. RSR Construction can set you up with a new floor to meet commercial grade standards. Your old concrete surface will be jackhammered, removed and replaced. Call for more information on this service.

With more than 25 years of construction experience, we have seen it all. Let us know how we can help.

Talk to the experts

If you’ve encountered mold, extreme wall cracks or flooding within your home, we can fix the problem at the source.

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