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Family-Owned and Full-Service Foundation Contractors in Regina 

RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair is your source for basement repairs in Regina. We have been correcting concrete foundations and addressing the concerns of homeowners for well over 25 years. Our foundation contractors in Regina specialize in maintaining foundations throughout southeastern Saskatchewan. From repairing the walls to installing your sump pump, our crews are committed to protecting the integrity of your home. Whether we’re providing interior or exterior defense with our extensive waterproofing expertise, or we’re safeguarding your basement from further damage with our reliable wall bracing and crack repairs, you can always count on us to deploy the most straight-forward and cost-effective approach.

Are You at Risk?

Clay is bad for concrete foundations, and Regina is a city built on clay. Moisture retention is great for local farmers, but not so good for concrete placement. No matter what area of the city you reside in, and no matter the age of your home, your property is subject to underground swelling. If you live within the city limits, your foundation walls are constantly under pressure. Cracks in Regina basements are a common site, but at what point should you seek a professional opinion?

Avoid instances of mildew and further damage. Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation.

We Provide Free, No-obligation Quotes

When it comes to the protection of your home, you can never be too proactive. With our free estimates, honest assessments and friendly service, we’ll identify any problematic issues to help save on potentially heavy future costs. 

From waterproofing to wall bracing and crack repairs, our foundation repair team specializes in fixing problems at the source. When it comes to foundation repair, we do it all. 


As important as the foundation of your home is, most people don’t give it a second thought - until they run into trouble, that is. Whether you’ve had a flood in your basement or you’ve discovered mold, RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair is the company to call. We specialize in basement repairs in Regina that will protect your health and preserve the value of your home. We’ll walk you through the repair process, answer your questions and carry out the work with courtesy and efficiency.

We offer free estimates and provide practical solutions for all the following:


Wall bracing

Crack repairs

Sump pit installations

Shifting foundations



Wall beams


Concrete floor issues

Floor recapping

Flood damage and repair

Underpinning/House Levelling


Do you require a new sump pit? Avoid the stress and expense basement flooding can cause. We have the tools and experience to ensure you are protected in the best way. We warranty our workmanship and our foundation contractors in Regina are certified and safety trained. Give us a call today.

Talk to the experts

If you’ve encountered mold, extreme wall cracks or flooding within your home, we can fix the problem at the source.

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