Partitions & Teleposts


Foundation pads have steel posts attached under the basement floors. These posts are connected to beams, joists and the flooring above. Foundations of homes can shift and this can lead to drywall cracking and uneven flooring. RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair can adjust teleposts for Regina homeowners to ensure everything is straight and solid.

New homes, old homes and all homes in between with a basement in this part of the world will experience foundation shifting of some sort. The severity of the shifting can be affected by many factors, and in Saskatchewan you have many of them working against you.

Telepost adjustments should not be taken lightly, if done wrong it can take a situation from bad to worse very quickly.

Whether you need a minor adjustment or a major one, we have the experience and professionals to do it right, the first time.

We provide guaranteed materials and workmanship. If your basement has shifted, call us for a free on-site estimate at 306-520-7280. From underpinning to excavation work, we do it all.