Interior/Exterior Underpinning


If you’re concerned about the strength or condition of your property’s foundation, it’s time to call in RSR Construction: Basement & Foundation Repair to assess whether Underpinning, House Leveling is necessary. In construction or renovation, Underpinning, House Leveling is a procedure used to reinforce or increase the depth of a structure’s existing foundation. Your home may require Underpinning/house for a number of reasons, such as if the foundation has degraded over time, or when the supporting soil around your home has been compromised. When subsoil is drawn away from your foundation, cavities are created and subsidence occurs. Poor drainage, tree roots, droughts and significant changes in water table levels can all negatively impact the foundation of your home. There is no need to destroy the yard with exterior excavation as it can be done from the interior.

When you need experts in concrete repairs and Underpinning/house in Regina, we’re an experienced company you can trust.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning, House leveling is a method used to increase foundation depth or repair faulty foundations. If you talk to an engineer, they’ll likely recommend screw piles and excavation around the home, in order to fix this problem. Screw piles are used for building deep foundations and are generally made up of varying sizes of tubular sections for the piles and ground anchors for their shafts. During the installation of the screw piles, RSR Construction will monitor the resistance against an engineered capacities chart to ensure that each of the screw piles being installed will be able to carry the required capacity.

Heavy steel brackets are installed under and alongside your foundation wall to secure these screw piles firmly to your home. The heavy steel brackets are designed to allow for hydraulic jacks to effectively lift and level your home’s foundation. The footing is notched so the screw pile can be installed next to your home’s foundation, and then the brackets are installed along with the hydraulic jacks. Once the jacks have been removed, the screw piles and brackets remain to provide permanent support for the foundation.

Beware the Bottle Jacks

Some companies use bottle jacks, or car jacks, to stabilize your home. While these are good for temporary support for your car, a trailer, or a beam, when used on your home’s foundation, they may create irreparable damage. Their small head or saddle surface area can create unbalanced and uneven stress and pressure on your foundation, resulting in cracks or ruptures in the walls or footing.

Another issue is their lack of a pressure gauge. Not knowing the amount or limit of the hydraulic forces on your home can greatly increase the potential of uneven forces on your structure and an imbalance in how your foundation is lifted and supported.

The best way to ensure you’re getting high quality workmanship is to do your research, ask questions, and filter out the contractors that could potentially cause you more trouble and more headaches down the road.

Call Us Immediately for an Assessment

While foundation issues may seem more common with older homes, it should be noted that even newer homes are susceptible to the damages caused by shifting foundations. If you spot significant cracks along your home’s exterior, especially around the doors and windows, or you’ve noticed that doors are sticking, you should get in touch with our team right away for an assessment for concrete repairs involving Underpinning/house in Regina. Unfortunately, many troubling surface cracks cannot be rectified by simply applying a sealant. RSR Construction has the experience to determine the extent of your foundation’s problem and to establish the best course of action accordingly.

Get an Underpinning Estimate in Regina

Our Underpinning, House Leveling expertise allows us to efficiently and confidently dig underneath the shallows of your home, in order to extend the building’s foundation. Our Underpinning/house services ensure greater stability in the years ahead. Whether you require traditional Underpinning/house or not, it’s important to get a professional opinion if you have any questions or concerns. Get in touch with our crew today to find out more about your options for concrete repairs involving Underpinning/house in Regina. We offer free estimates on all of our services for your convenience. We’d be happy to help!