Monax Pile Machine - Basement Underpinning with no exterior excavation

Monax Pile Machine

RSR’s Patented Monax Pile Machine is the ultimate solution for interior and exterior underpinning in hard-to-reach places. This unique machine installs helical screw piles rapidly, and embeds helical anchors. The unit delivers up to 600% more productivity and dramatically reduces labor requirements, making it a must-have for any foundation repair company. There is no need to destroy the yard with exterior excavation as it can be done from the interior.

Effortless to Operate

The PDM is designed for maximum ease of use, saving labor costs and your employee’s backs:

  • The Eskridge and Digga drive head is purpose-built for screw piling, delivering consistent power and strength.
  • Two operators can easily control the unit and complete installation, resulting in major cost savings.
  • The rechargeable 360 mobile track climber makes navigating stairs and positioning the unit effortless.

Enhanced Operator Safety

Manual foundation work is dangerous, so the PDM automates the process to ensure operator safety:

  • Hard work is done by the machine, dramatically reducing manual labor required and reducing injury.
  • Self-anchoring unit clamps to the floor, ensuring stability without anchoring to the walls.
  • Controlled application of helical piles requires no manual lifting of the drive head by operators.

Highly Productive

The PDM dramatically enhances productivity on interior and small-space pile installation jobs:

  • Machine places 20-30 piles per day, up to 600% increase in productivity over manual installation.
  • Ability to support up to 20 inch helix without requiring strenuous force for initial helix start.
  • Vertical and horizontal controls deliver 20-25 foot depth while keeping the pile tracking straight.

Monax Pile Machine Features

  • Manual or Remote Controls Units available.
  • Vertical Horizontal Controls
    Delvers total control while keeping the pile track straight, maximum safe operation.
  • LED Lighting
    Waterproof LED Lighting illuminates the work area for a safer and more productive install.
  • Premium Components
    The robust design and premium components optimize the service life of the machine, and reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Heavy-Duty Engineered Frame
    The heavy-duty engineered frame delivers reliable performance under extreme pressure.
  • Torque Monitoring
    Built-in torque monitoring system included.
  • Water Lubrication
    Built-in water nozzle easily connects to any accessible tap.
  • Hydraulic Drive
    Driven by an external machine or optional hydraulic power pack.